Comfort Systems USA Northwest can help you reduce ownership and operating costs for one facility or dozens. We are an expert in the service of all the major HVAC and Plumbing equipment manufacturers. Our diverse talent provides you the competitive advantage of a partner that understands and services your entire building system.

We offer a full range of maintenance services from rooftop package units to split systems, boilers to chillers, drain cleaning, to backflow testing. We have you covered. Every maintenance can be customized to your building and facility’s needs, from routine quarterly service to all-inclusive, we can help.

Benefits of comprehensive maintenance:

  • Minimize your building’s energy consumption and impact on our environment
  • Minimize downtime & unhappy tenants
  • Improve equipment reliability and efficiency
  • Protecting your investment in your building’s HVAC
  • Improve employee comfort and productivity
Life Cycle Cost
Helping you plan your future expenses before they happen as part of our maintenance program. We will help you budget when and how to replace your equipment to give you time to plan capital expenses and reduce unforeseen emergency replacements.

Visual insight = Trust & Transparency
Our cloud-based visual intelligence platform leverages photos and videos to provide technicians and facility managers with an easily digestible overview of maintenance status, repairs, and recommendations.

Video and Audio Breakdown
Our technicians use video to walk through a summary of service request outcomes to provide insights into equipment status and share any further recommendations for repairs and preventative maintenance.

Everything You Need in a Single Location
You can readily view job site videos, photos, and supporting PDF manuals and equipment specifications from a centralized database – easily accessible via shared web links.